Ace by Moon Dust

Track U.F.O. in collaboration with Moon Dust is included in the just released "Ace" Album by Moon Dust !
Take a listen :

U.F.O by Moon Dust (feat DeepWavez)

Playing synth on this track in collaboration with Moon Dust !
Track is now available on Apple Music and spotify ! (And most other platforms)

Spotify - Apple Music - Amazon etc...

Whats Real

"Down Under" soundset updated to 50 presets !

Hello !

The u-he REPRO~1 synth beta cycle has ended, and the final product is now being released.

To join the fun, the "Down Under" soundset has been updated to 50 presets !
(if you count the cat ...)

You can click "Follow me" on soundcloud for more music and demos (coming soon)...

Enjoy !

"Down Under", free presets for U-he Repro-1

"Down Under" : 28 Presets for U-he Repro-1
Inspired by ethnic Australian sounds combined with acid trance pulses.

Price : Free !
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Demo :

Beta ReProjection

Here is a short Demo using the new Repro-1 synth from u-he :
Only Repro-1 was used for all sounds including percussion.
Music and Sound Design by DeepWavez

The Unfinished u-he Synth Contest 2016

Under Construction ...

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